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“I remember how scared I used to be of networking events. Now it doesn’t bother me at all because you have reinforced my self confidence when it comes to talking about what I do” JK


People who already talk about their work but would like coaching on improving their talk (beyond education) for promotion; professional responsibilities, and advanced tips. This will suit you if your work (or cause) is one which is highly personal to you.  After a masterclass coaching session and warm up, you will each give a short version of your talk and receive structured feedback from other participants and specific guidance from Cathy.  Reflection will cover voice, body, content, engagement and more.  From each talk I will pick up teaching points for everyone.  The workshop is small – just five people – is it is so dense and personal.

Cathy has a solid reputation within her speaking group for the way she gives plenty of constructive criticism in a sensitive way so anyone can comfortably take it on board.

Money-back guarantee:    If you reach the mid-morning break and feel this is really not for you, you may return any materials shared and leave with a full refund following you within a few days. No need to give an explanation. 

“Today I competed on a new level in my public speaking and came 2nd to a world finalist. Not bad going for my first run in the competition. Thanks so much to…Cathy Towers for coaching me”  EA

On this workshop you are encouraged to take risks, try out what you haven’t yet dared, make mistakes and bloopers, with permission to do your worst in a supportive environment: this is how we make learning fun and safe, and also how we learn that getting it ‘wrong’ can often be so right.

This workshop will give a good confidence boost, a deeper understanding of the skills of speaking in public, and a host of little tips and insights that Cathy has gained from several years of honing her skills in a variety of areas.  It is up to you to explore avenues in which to practice though ideas will be shared.  If you have a topic which fits, you may even be able to participate in one of the events Cathy organises or come on her radio show 🙂   

Cathy’s speaking experience includes:

RADIO AND TV DJ on Phonic FM Community Radio where she interviews local people with a story to tell. Over the years she has been interviewed herself on numerous BBC radio stations, Gambia’s sports station, and for news items on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 regarding work and personal interests

CONFERENCES She started with two minute slots at BACP conferences and has worked her way up to giving specialist speeches and workshops for the BACP and ISMA Wellbeing Conferences

EVENT HOSTING Lady Luxe and Wonderful Women Sing are two large scale fundraising events which Cathy has hosted in recent years.  “Thank you for that amazing evening. Everything was genuine and I could feel the positive energy flooding in the room” AA

MIND AND BODY FORUM Cathy has supported and encouraged other therapists speaking in public to promote their work through this forum of short talks on particular topics.   “What a great event and well-organised as always! ”

BUSINESS NETWORKS Cathy has given talks at various local networks and is always well received.  Includes Energess, Leading Women, and Business Network Southwest – see unsolicited testimonial here:https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathytowers?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile                                                      “what a lovely meeting and such a great presentation from Cathy – lots of food for thought”  KV

Also at various therapist networks including Focus in North Devon, Westcountry Association for Counselling (the last talk was so popular the room was packed), and is booked for Taunton Association for Psychotherapy in 2017.

“Hi Cathy, just wanted to say how good your talk this morning was. You made it look easy, but it probably wasn’t! I was impressed by the way you told the story, without notes, without rushing, letting us dwell on each stage.” HC

Cathy’s training has been with professional speaker Celia Delaney and Toastmasters International.  When she realised she was feeling too stiff and formal, she joined an improvisation acting group to loosen up further.  Public speaking is a craft to be honed forever and Cathy now frequents professional speaker events as well as improv and is even venturing into the world of comedy with a tentative toe.

Click here for a short video Cathy made for World Speech Day 2016 about how she got started on public speaking.

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