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Money-back guarantee:  If you reach the mid-morning break and feel this is really not for you, you may return any materials shared and leave with a full refund following you within a few days. No need to give an explanation. 

Great feedback from the BACP Conference where I gave a talk on Therapists Relationship with Money. When BACP asked what was the most beneficial aspect of the day, this is some of what they got:

“Cathy Towers on relationship with money”        “Raising my awareness, Self-awareness about my relationship with money”        “The money stuff. Would have liked to hear more from Cathy Towers”       “Cathy- lots to think about so helpful”   ……… (BACP told me there were no critical comments at all…!)

  • How do you price yourself in a highly competitive market?
  • How can we earn a living if we are worried whether clients can afford us?
  • How may we inadvertently trigger a victim dynamic (in ourself or the client) and what are the consequences?

I have spent many years as a therapist and my relationship with money has evolved over that time.  I have explored my own beliefs and the psycho-dynamics of money in a therapeutic relationship.

In my therapy and training work, I have tussled with, and grown through, issues around self-limiting beliefs, assumptions and projections about money which hold me back in making a living. I have found that discussion on money can be a significant part of healing: for clients.  Understanding the impact on relationships with our clients and their self-value is crucial.

“I gained a wealth of useful insight and came away feeling genuinely enriched”

Topics to include:

  • Our own relationship with money
  • impact of financial exchange on client relationship
  • scapegoat complex
  • spiritual aspects and symbolism of money
  • self-esteem issues
  • calculating your worth
  • negotiation
  • what to take into account when fixing your price
  • and space for other issues brought by the group

This is not intended to be a workshop which tells you what to do, but an exploration which will give you confidence to make your own decisions and feel competent in explaining them if challenged.

I think you pitched everything you did perfectly” 

 This workshop is for you if

  • You are self-employed
  • You find charging for your service, setting a fee, or sticking to it difficult
  • The nature of your work involves personal service
  • You block yourself financially
  • You are open to changing your relationship with money

“I found the workshop very thought-provoking and useful. As a resultI am mananging my time better and also tightened up my agreement with existing clients and new clients.  Until the workshop I had not realised how fuzzy it had all become!”

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